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Instant access

Easily reach common time tracking actions and information directly from the menu bar.

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Customize the status item and drop-down menu to suit your needs.

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Task grouping

Easily organize your tasks into categories and structure them with up to 5 hierarchical levels using drag and drop.

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Enable iCloud, Dropbox, or WebDAV sync to automatically keep your time tracking data synchronized across all your Macs.

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Privacy First

Track without being tracked. We value your privacy! Learn more

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Stylish Themes

Choose from 10 different color themes to customize the look and feel of Timeframe and match your personal style.

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Automatic Backup

Never worry about losing your data. Timeframe creates automatic backups and allows you to recover previous data.

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Native Mac App

A powerful, truly native app built specifically for macOS, with a smooth UI, optimized to easily handle years of time tracking data.

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Import & Export

Seamlessly import and export your time tracking data and charts in a range of file formats, including PDF, CSV, and XML.


We offer three different packages, so you can pick the one that’s right for you. You can track your time for free and add more features when needed.



What’s included

  • All basic Time Tracking features

  • Unlimited Categories & Tasks

  • Unlimited Timings

  • Sync via iCloud, Dropbox, or WebDAV

  • Timer control via menu bar

  • Import CSV

  • Light and Dark color themes

  • Automatic backup

  • Automation with AppleScript

  • Free iOS companion app




Everything in Basic, plus

  • Statistics view

  • Calendar view

  • Charts view

  • Saved Views

  • Target hours

  • Totals and Targets in menu bar

  • Grouped Timings in Timings View

  • Export CSV & XML

  • Eight additional color themes

  • Automation with Shortcuts

SAVE 33%



Everything in Personal, plus

  • Billable Tasks and Timings

  • Task Rates

  • Time Rounding

  • PDF Reports

  • Advanced CSV export

  • Import CSV

  • Maximum support to an indie developer who is committed to continuously improving this app

SAVE 37%

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macOS 12 or newer required

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